11 Awesome Ideas to Add to Your Couple's Bucket List ...


If you don't already have a couple's bucket list, there are so many awesome ideas that you can start off with. It's all about spending quality time together and challenging each other to step out of his/her comfort zone! If you have any other ideas to add to the list, share them in the comments!

1. Go Tech-free for 24 Hrs

Forget about everything technological for the next 24 hours and make it all about yourselves. No cell phones, no laptops, no TV... just the two of you. You can spend the day indoors or take a walk outside with no destination. It won't matter what you're doing - the quality time will already make it a day to remember.

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How about making every day count.. Cheaper and more fulfilling.
Go to the drive in together! Perfect date!
Asha Hale
Love all the tips
already done #9&10;
My gf wants to take a hot air ride...I'm so so scared.
I just asked my babe did he want to go on a hot air balloon ride... Before I read this ... Funny
True Always
Very cute article love the carving initials in a tree (my favorite). Best tips ever to bring old school dating back. Love this article such a joy to read this!
Carving your names in a tree is extremely environmentally unfriendly.....
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