7 Awesome Reasons to Date a Lefty ...


There are a lot of awesome reasons to date a lefty! Even though left-handed people have had a tough run throughout history, they have been discriminated against, sometimes even considered taboo; in the Victorian era they were beaten to knock out the “left” out of them. Even though today they are living in a righty’s world, having to deal with all kinds of supplies and technology not designed for them, they are very special people who possess a lot of amazing qualities that you don’t even suspect. Here are a few awesome reasons to date a lefty that you should consider when you are looking for Mr./Miss Right:

1. They Are Leaders

In my opinion, one of the most convincing reasons to date a lefty is the fact that most of them are natural-born leaders. For example, four of the last seven American Presidents are left-handed: Barack Obama, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford. That’s a very interesting fact since most left-handed people are very creative, they can multitask and they are extremely smart.

They Are Very Smart


Female lefty over here ^_^ 🙋
My crush is left-handed. Obviously, that doesn't change the way I feel about him.
I'm a lefty only one in my family that i know of and I'm non of these things except a little creative
What if you are good at using both hands and do so regularly?
my boyfriend is a lefty,and i love him to death,and like he is so smart i love it:)
wow! kinda wish I was left handed now :P
marilyn monroe12342
I'm a lefty and I can't sports
I actually did a presentation on left-handedness for a Psychology class. As a lefty it was something very important to me. We are often attributed to be more creative because we use the right side of ...
Zena Chafi
haha I'm left handed and I am no where near being good a sports
These are just stereotypical. I know a bunch of right handed people who are all of theses things, or most of them, including me. Don't get me wrong, poor lefties, they are so rare so we'll just make t...
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