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10 Awesome Ways to Get Back at a Cheater ...

By Lane

Men who choose to be unfaithful are prime reasons for emotional distress and a further need for everyone to discover the ten awesome ways to get back at a cheater. They wound the self-esteem and leave mayhem in the wake of their poor choices. However, instead of participating in self-destructive behaviors that will only cushion the blow, let's take a different approach and utilize the ten ways to get back at a cheater.

1 Do I Know You?

Ignoring them entirely is the ultimate win-win situation, and is among the ways to get back at a cheater. This eliminates the boost to their ego and prevents the concept of self-importance for them. Most cheaters have narcissistic tendencies, and attention only feeds into their selfish needs. By treating them as if they do not even exist in your world, you have the upper hand and have a better chance of moving on without failure. It also stops you from falling victim to them again. Remember, if they say they miss you after cheating, it only means that they failed in replacing you. Don't fall for it, you're better than that!

2 Become the Queen of Hotties

Men who cheat will expect women to fall victim to depression after the discovery of their unfaithfulness. This gives them power not only over the woman's outlook, but also her appearance. Instead of indulging on comfort foods, join an exercise program, or a belly dancing class like I did. After a month of classes, I had abs that would make Shakira jealous... and him as well. Plus it's fun, and exercise gives you endorphins and who can be sad with a healthy dose of feel-good hormones.

3 Accomplish All of Your Own Goals

Remember all those times that he claimed you would never succeed? Now is the time to prove him wrong! If you want that promotion, you can work harder. If you want to become a novelist, well, start writing, he just freed up your schedule. No matter what your dreams are, follow them without restriction. You are no longer constricted by a probable future with this cheater or your fictitious children and pets. Grab your dreams by the horns and ride proud, this is your time to shine and cast a shadow on your past.

4 Social Media Jealousy

Nothing gets under the skin of a cheater more than seeing your happiness in social media. My recommendation is to disconnect from the cheater. The road to getting even begins with oblivion. Remove the man from your page, but do not block him. Cheaters view their wronged ex-girlfriends as trophies. They continue to monitor their social media pages for instant gratification based on the woman's misery. Do not post anything about the relationship, but do post new profile pictures. It's the not knowing that will drive him bonkers and make him jealous and angry most of all.

5 I'm with Him!

In relationships that involve a cheater, there is always that one hottie for which he displayed a strong dislike. I'm not recommending that you run full force after the guy and start dating him immediately. However, if the opportunity presents itself and he, too, is not a jerk—go for it! My suggestion is for you to befriend this gorgeous being and make concrete plans to hang out in public. It will get back to your cheating ex-boyfriend that you were seen with him. Worst-case scenario, you may spend a few hours with a man you don't like or you could acquire a great friend.

6 His Friends, Your Friends

If you have mutual friends with a cheating ex do not immediately write them off. If you have bonded with these individuals, you owe it to yourself to keep them. However, you should refrain from speaking to them about him. If at any time they ask questions about how you are doing after the breakup, always provide positive and brief answers. If they continue to bring him up, you should change the subject promptly. This disinterest in him will get back to him and really chap his hind.

7 Mum's the Word

Trophy-hunting cheaters are manipulative and often communicate with your closest friends to keep tabs on you. To eliminate this problem head-on, you should refrain from talking about him at all with them beyond the initial need-to-know information after the breakup. By continuing to talk about him, others assume you miss him, which you might. However, you do not want him to know that as it just strokes his ego. If you really need to vent about this jerk, you can always write in your journal or use him as a character in a short story where he is hit by a bus.

8 Frenemies Are Us

Whenever possible, discover as much as you can about the girl with whom he cheated. Your objective here is to create a protective shield in case you encounter them in a social setting. Refrain from losing your composure even though you may want to deliver swift and blinding violence. The best revenge is not an assault charge; this only leaves you with a criminal record and solves nothing. Instead, smile and be gracious toward them. Why? Your cheating ex is now her problem, not yours.

9 Don't Worry, Be Happy

This was the hardest concept for me after a breakup in which a man cheated. However, I learned that the old adage is true. Your happiness is his undoing. Cheaters thrive off of your pain. If you are not hurting, they cannot feed on that energy and ultimately lose all power over you. I channeled all of my anger into the side of punching bag, and I was happier for it. I choose to focus on what makes me happiest instead of allowing him to reduce me into a hot mess. He made the decision to cheat, and I chose to be happy without him. You can do it, too, by finding just one concept that makes you happiest and focusing on it instead of him.

10 Mutual Stomping Grounds

Whenever possible, avoid areas that you both frequented for at least one month following your breakup. This allows you to vent your frustrations in a healthy way without the initial shock of seeing him with the other girl in these areas. If you aren't there, it will cause a loss of power for him. After you have regrouped, you can make a sudden and unexpected appearance in all of your gorgeous glory and implement these steps for getting even with this cheater.

Cheaters are in truth miserable people who do not value themselves or others. You do not have to fall victim to their thoughtless acts; you can rise victorious and stronger. What are some concepts you utilized to get even with a cheater?

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