10 Awesome Ways to Get Back at a Cheater ...


Men who choose to be unfaithful are prime reasons for emotional distress and a further need for everyone to discover the ten awesome ways to get back at a cheater. They wound the self-esteem and leave mayhem in the wake of their poor choices. However, instead of participating in self-destructive behaviors that will only cushion the blow, let's take a different approach and utilize the ten ways to get back at a cheater.

1. Do I Know You?

Ignoring them entirely is the ultimate win-win situation, and is among the ways to get back at a cheater. This eliminates the boost to their ego and prevents the concept of self-importance for them. Most cheaters have narcissistic tendencies, and attention only feeds into their selfish needs. By treating them as if they do not even exist in your world, you have the upper hand and have a better chance of moving on without failure. It also stops you from falling victim to them again. Remember, if they say they miss you after cheating, it only means that they failed in replacing you. Don't fall for it, you're better than that!

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I agree that letting them see you happy and doing great in life is a form of revenge. Be your own source of happiness.
Cindy collier
great article!!!
Well in advice. taken some notes...πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰
number seven is hilarious! this is amazing! :)
Stephanie Eklund
How about you act like a grown woman and just move on from the relationship?
Love this!
Victoria Pagan
Haha I cheated once.
Nice :)
Nana Sasha'Darnell
By attempting to even consider to 'get them back' (unless it inflicts pain on them lol) is immature and the majority notices, just do you and that's that
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