7 Awesome Ways to Win over His Friends ...

In new relationships, it can be hard to figure out the ways to win over his friends. Do you joke with them, or shy away until they open up to you? Although you should place your focus on building your relationship with your man, it is important that his friends at least like you. They unfortunately have a pretty big say in whether your relationship will stand the test of time. So make sure they are on your side with these ways to win over his friends.

1. Get into the Game

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Grabbing your boyfriends friends, cracking open a beer and turning on the game is one of the easiest ways to win over his friends. Most guys are under the impression that all girls care about is shoes and shopping, so show them how wrong they are. You can get into the game and cheer on your team just as much as any guy. They will appreciate that you can chill with them and respect that you are not the typical whiney girly girl who knows nothing about sports.

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