4. I Almost Didn't Recognize You!

If you're flirting with someone you used to know, you might be amazed at how different he or she looks. That's fine! If, however, the person in question used to be overweight, have problems with acne, or other so-called “deficiencies,” phrasing your compliment this way is kind of insulting. It's like saying, “Wow, you don't look like a trainwreck now!” Instead, tell the person how great he or she looks and leave it at that.

How Are You Not in a Relationship?


Meisha Jackson
#8!! I hear that all the time! And when people say it to me, I ask them "is it impossible for a black girl to be pretty? You think I'm some rare breed?" Lol I hate that with a passion
Amen to #8 haha. Not that this has happened to me... But it's just wrong. I always feel a little funny when people comment on my looks related to my ethnicity
#5 happens to me all the time. Even my friends with boyfriends say this and everyone really 😠
#8 has happened to me more times than I'd like to even think about and seriously it is so rude like for real!!! You're beautiful for a black girl... Omg
Number 8 is outrageous. This has happened multiple times to a girl who was in my freshman English class. For some reason people insisted on telling her and her sister that they were "pretty for black girls." I wasn't even there to witness it and it made me angry 😡
#8 is so ruude ! For some reason, some people think it's a compliment...
I've never been told # 8 but then if I did I'd give him the finger then walk away .
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