5. How Are You Not in a Relationship?

At first sight, this doesn't seem like a backhanded compliment. You're flirting with a way cool guy or girl, you're really vibing, and you just let it slip that you really can't believe the person hasn't been snagged yet. Well, for starters, maybe he or she hasn't wanted to be snagged; maybe there was a nasty breakup not too long ago; or maybe you're just sort of emphasizing the fact that you're flirting partner is still single, which could be a sore spot.

I'm so Surprised You're Good at That


I've never been told # 8 but then if I did I'd give him the finger then walk away .
#8 is the truth!!😁
Sydni Smith
I've heard 9 a lot. It is true, but I agree it is extremely rude.
Some of this I do not agree with.
Hasan Bayram
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