7. I Can't Believe You do This

Similarly, telling a girl you can't believe she plays paintball or expressing surprise that a guy likes doing hair are both stereotypes. You may be surprised, but there's a more tactful way of saying so. Turn it into a real compliment instead, by saying how good the person is at whatever surprising thing he or she likes to do, and leave it at that.

You're Hot for Your Ethnicity


#8 is so ruude ! For some reason, some people think it's a compliment...
I've never been told # 8 but then if I did I'd give him the finger then walk away .
#8 is the truth!!😁
Sydni Smith
I've heard 9 a lot. It is true, but I agree it is extremely rude.
Some of this I do not agree with.
Hasan Bayram
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