8 Bad Dating Habits to Be Aware of ...


8 Bad Dating Habits to Be Aware of ...
8 Bad Dating Habits to Be Aware of ...

Bad dating habits are super easy to pick up and so hard to get rid of. If you think that you might have some bad dating habits that you need to kick, you might want to take a look below! Below, I've got the top 8 bad dating habits that can be overlooked by so many people but are so serious!

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One-Word Answers

You might think that giving off a yes, no or a maybe might be enough, but truthfully, one-word answers on a date is one of the most uncommon bad dating habits that is constantly overlooked. One-word answers close the door on further questions and can actually make you feel a little cold. Instead, why not elaborate a little more on your answers and really give that feeling of warmth to your date?


A Date is Not an Interview

The next extreme that we are going to talk about is shooting one answer off after another. Almost like you are on an interview, just waiting for the next question without giving him a chance to actually give you any information about him. This is one bad dating habit that is actually really common!


Checking Your Phone

You might think that harmlessly checking your phone for the latest updates or even to answer a text message might be a great idea, but truthfully, it's rude. Most guys actually like a girl to leave their phone in their purse. That way, there is no temptation at all! So ladies, if you really want to kick some of your bad dating habits, put your phone away!


Online Stalking

Just because we have the internet, doesn't mean that you should use it to stalk each and every guy that you go out with! Or, at the very least, if you are going to online stalk your potential date, don't let him know about it! Ladies, it might be hard to keep that to yourself, but he might think that you are a little weird if you mention his dogs and cats or his Facebook photos and you aren't even Facebook friends!


Being Too Eager

When you are on a first date, one of the most common bad dating habits that many girls pick up is being too eager to be in a relationship. Just because you've dated, doesn't mean you are automatically his girlfriend and he wants to move in. Ladies, take your time and just chill out for a little bit!


Getting Drunk

Whenever you are on a date, you never, ever want to get drunk. Getting drunk on a date will not only leave a bad impression, but who knows what can happen! Just a drink or two is fine, but know your limits!


Being Too Available

Just because your schedule is super clear doesn't mean that you should constantly make yourself available to your new guy. You want to make sure that you can some secrets, that you still hang onto your old single life and that you make time for your friends. Trust me, you don't want to forget about them!


Dressing Slutty

Finally, ladies, whenever you are going on a date, one bad dating habit is dressing extremely slutty. You want to leave some skin and some body parts to the imagination!

There are tons of bad dating habits out there that can absolutely ruin a date. If you're dating right now, ladies, keep these bad dating habits in mind so you don't repeat any of them! So ladies, how many bad dates have you gone on? Come on, share 'em!

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haha I loved this- especially the part about facebook stalking (I have yet to give that a rest :P )

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