7. Passion

A kiss without passion is still nice, but it's not very memorable. Every man wants to find a woman who is as passionate about him as he is about her. He wants someone who will enjoy touching his lips and feeling his skin.

Passion is a huge deal, so if you're able to kiss your man without feeling a spark, you might have to look for a new mate.

You don't want to be bad to the bone--you just want to have some "bad girl" traits and remain a "good girl" overall. That way, everybody wins and you won't break any hearts. What other "bad girl" traits do men usually look for in women?


I am literally all of these things
My boyfriends ex tries to ruin our relationship every chance she gets. Literally does everything in her power to ruin it... how can I make it stop??! Ignoring her, blocking her, doing to normal things don't ever work.
Choko Chanel
Why not both?
I have all
Hummmm this made me smile. Cause these are exactly the traits my man pointed out sat to y he loves me.... But one was omitted. Intelligence. A man loves a woman that can stimulate his mind....
These are normal and not "bad" girl traits at all.
I have all of these traits
Maryjhoi Sevilla Mojica
Now I know why he can't resist me. 😁 lol!
All guys love a "naughty but nice" kind of girl
Good one still working on seductive!
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