4. Lying

This should be obvious but I'll include it anyways. A lot of people try to justify their "little white lies" by claiming that it isn't really hurting anybody. However, even little white lies can snowball into something bigger. Once you feel comfortable telling your loved one a small lie, you might start to feel comfortable telling bigger ones. That's not a good habit to have! Work on being honest with each other.

Holding a Grudge


Elihaika Maya Kael
Over emotional i mean .
Elihaika Maya Kael
Telling our loved ones that they are soo emotional. I thnk t aint a good habit .
I agree identity is important as are the others but if you love n respect yourself so will he! Men live strong assertive women not victim seeking ..
1,2,3 &5😅
I'm guilty of #1! :(
Criticizing him when I'm stressed is a bad habit of mine. When I'm stressed out, overt thing seems like a big deal. Trying to control the other person is never a long-term or healthy solution.
I second your thoughts. The most scariest one is lost of identity. If the relationship didn't work out, you will hit rock bottom. Then the issues of lost of confidence, self esteem and self worth.
Love this !
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