7 Bad Relationship Habits You Need to Break Now ...


You don't want bad relationship habits to ruin something special. When you really care about someone, your emotions are intense, so your actions can be drastic. However, you have to try to keep using your common sense, even when it feels like it has disappeared. If you fall victim to any of these bad relationship habits, try to break them as soon as you can:

1. I Spy

You aren't the star of an action movie, so you shouldn't be acting like a spy. Don't steal his phone to look through his messages or ask for his passwords so you can monitor his Facebook. Being so distrustful of him that you invade his privacy is one of the bad relationship habits you should break. If the relationship is going to last, you'll have to trust him enough to give him some space.

Never Apart or Never Together


Julia Huston
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@skinsw01 just because he is dating you doesn't mean he no longer will find other people attractive.
It's not normal to look at other women anymore than it is normal for women to look at other men, the fact that it is considered normal is a result of society accepting it to be normal. If he is happy ...
the one about looking at other females is NORMAL ladies. as much as we don't like it, don't fight over it. it's not worth it. if you gonna fight about it, you never gonna be happy in any relationship.
I understand them all expect the online password one. My partner and I aren't each other's 'friend' on facebook so we don't like or comment on each other's post bc we live together we don't see the po...
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