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7 Basic Stages of a Relationship ...

By Heather

Stages of a Relationship can vary from person to person, but the jist of them are all the same. Every single relationship has all sorts of different stages and truthfully, it can be hard to tell which one you and your boyfriend are at right now. Well ladies, I'm going to make it easy! Below, I've got the 7 basic stages of a relationship for you to watch out for. These stages of relationships cover everything from first meeting all the way to the beginning of the end. So ladies, where are you in your relationship?

1 Just Met

So you just met a guy that you really, really like. This is one of the stages of a relationship, that it's okay to get butterflies. That you can get giddy and not feel stupid. You just met a new friends, someone that you're smitten with – it's cute!

2 First Few Dates

The next stages of a relationship progress into the first few dates. This happens – of course, after you've met the guy. This is where you figure out if the butterflies and the excitement are true or if they were just excitement and butterflies from meeting someone knew. Take this time to explore the guy you are going out with. It'll make all of the difference in the world!

3 The Talking Stage

While it might seem like the 'first few dates' stage and the 'talking stage' are the same stages of a relationship, but they aren't. When you are first going on the first few dates, you aren't really yourself are you? When you become a little more comfortable is when the stalking stage comes into play. After all, you gotta let your guard down at some point right?

4 Exclusivity

When you first start dating and get into a relationship, it's not always exclusive is it? Once you cross over that line is when this stage takes over. This is when you can start referring to your boy as your boyfriend.

5 Long Time Commitment

So you've been together for a while now, you know one another pretty well and you're ready to make that commitment. This could mean moving in together, taking your relationship to the next level or even just committing to one another. This is the part of relationship that can be scary – and good all at the same time!

6 Conflict

Being in a relationship is not always easy. We all know this, but one of the stages in a relationship is conflict. It could be that you two are fighting a lot or that you are just butting heads a little. It's all part of growing up and growing together!

7 Proposal or Breakup

Finally, you get to the choice. Are you willing to stay together without being married or are you going to give him an ultimatum? For some girls, being married is more important than just living together and being together. At this stage of the relationship, you've been together for a really long time and you're going to want to decide, can you be with your man without being engaged to be married?

Going through all of the different stages of a relationship varies in every single relationship, but y'all do go through them all. I know in my relationship, I've been through each stage, maybe not at the same pace as it's outlined here, as the Better Half and I were exclusive right from the get-go, but that's not for everyone. So ladies, what stages of a relationship are you at right now?

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