7 Beautiful Unrequited Love Quotes to Help You Survive ...

Falling in love is a beautiful process, but what happens if your feelings aren't returned? Sure, it's going to be painful to survive without the affection you're craving from that one special person, but it's not all bad. You shouldn't be torn apart when your crush decides to be with another, because the rejection can teach you a lot about love. Here are a few beautiful unrequited love quotes to help you deal:

1. Can't Hide from Your Heart

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When you fall for someone who's already in a relationship, or get your heart broken by someone you once trusted, it's easy to blame yourself. However, it's not your fault for feeling the way that you do. As Johnny Depp says, it's impossible to close your heart to the things you don't want to feel. You can't help your feelings so don't blame yourself.

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