19 Beautiful Sex Tips for a Sagittarius ...


Sagittarians are one of those signs that was a mystery to me until I started to research all of the best sex tips for a Sagittarius. Did you know that this particular sign loves all kinds of toys and loves erotic massage? These are just a few of the sex tips for a Sagittarius that you'll learn below! Take a look and learn exactly what your Sag loves!

1. The Thighs Are Hot

Did you know that one of the top sex tips for a Sagittarius all revolves around their thighs? They love their thighs to be touched, to be caressed and to be kissed! A massage on the thighs with some amazing oils is the way to go for this incredible sign.

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A Sagittarius & this is on point 👌
Tonnnn of stamina!! :)
Oh yes.. Im Sagittarius and yes, all is true! :)
Jennifer Ford
Jennifer Ford
All I've got to say was this is spot on!!! I've never read anything that relates directly to me :D
I'm a Sag and all this is spot on!
Kristan Segure
Ummmmm idk I'm not s fan of the thigh play. But everything else is head on.
Tamara Bonner
This is do true, my man is a Sag and thanx for the tips...I'm going to have to try some of them 😊👍
Heather Jensen
It's comin' up! Check today or tomorrow! :)
Can you do one for capricorns please? 😊
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