6. Show That You Are Proud of Her

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Beast showed Belle that he was proud of her in many different ways, from allowing her access to the amazing library to finally making the sacrifice of letting her go to save her father. Take every opportunity you can to show your love interest that you are proud of her too, and she will appreciate the attention and show of faith.

Be Very Generous


Tbh watch the movie. It's literally the best thing ever. Btw Beast is way hotter as the beast than he is as a man lol.
Becanego Santos
@Paul that is a nice suggestion. It does work! I love ut when his perfume sticks to my hands. I love it when he secretly spray his perfume on my things haha
Olga Kaushan
@Paul ah! This is a great one! Thanks, Paul! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Have him put some cologne on his hands and when he holds hands with her she will get it on her hands and wrists. Every time she brings her hands close to her face she will smell it and think of him. This trick also works for girls and perfume.
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