2. Don't Make It Easy

With a Scorpio, it is all about the challenge and about capturing something, this is what they live for – so, don't make it easy. Don't automatically start acting like you like them, instead make them work for your attraction. If you play hard to get and if you are the one that has the ball constantly in your court – it'll attract your Scorpio-crush easily!

Being Honest Goes a Long Way


I'm a Scorpio and this totally describes me! Love this article 😊
Please please please if you value your life....DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Ill even ask people what they think i should do to eliminate choices and then do the opposite
Mmh. My Scorpio crush doesn't like mystery at all, he wants to know everything about everybody. But he's very mysterious about himself and very flirty with girls 😣
Stefani Amancio
I'm a Scorpio and I absolutely hate guys that play hard to get. It's frustrating and it makes me feel silly.
Wish i would have read this 6 months ago:(
Tanya Bergeron
My husband of 20 years is a Scorpio
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