7 Benefits of Being in a Relationship with an Older Man ...


How is it to be in a relationship with an older man? Ask me. I am married to one. Mr. Ruffolo is 29 years my senior. That means he was already building his career while my mother was checking in the delivery room to welcome my arrival. Some people may view him as a "cradle robber," while others think I'm a "gold digger." These monikers are the subjects of laughter in our home and trust me, we've been scrutinized, interrogated and battered with questions in public. Often times, the inquiries are directed to me and involve the demand for an answer to the question, "Why are you in a relationship with an older man?" Here are my answers.

1. You Now Have a Personal Storyteller

Being in a relationship with an older man means that you now have a personal storyteller who keeps life more interesting. He tells you about the events that happened in his life, the lessons he learned and the people he met. Mr. Ruffolo worked in several Olympic games prior to ending up in China, where we our paths eventually crossed and we became Mr. and Mrs. Ruffolo. But while you think that he has wisdom and knowledge beyond what you can ever imagine, an older guy pauses and takes time to listen to what you have to say. He is a lifelong learner and won’t miss a word that the love of his life utters. Yes, that’s you.

You Don’t Need to do the Half-Half


This is disgusting. Have some self respect lady 😒
This article is totally biased! I just dont agree with half of articles on this site. Particularly this one, its not about young or older ; it depends on the person itself . Sometimes life teaches you...
So true .. & how lucky he is when he has such a genuine younger lover ..
They are so so so good in bed too
I'm in a happy relationship with a man 18 years my senior. It's hard because he has a son that's three years younger than me and I'm fairly young, but what I've found with my own personal Mr. Ruffolo ...
I date an older man. I agree with everything in this article.
Sizan Fadhil K
that is nt always true
I need a mr.ruffolo
This rocks. Thanks!!!!
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