3. The Physical Aspect

I'm stating it like this because the lack of physical contact in an internet-only or internet-mostly relationship is a two-edged sword. On one hand, a computer can't keep you warm at night or give you a hug after a hard day. We all need that sometimes.

Without physical contact, though, you also don't have the hormone rush that can distract you from your real issues. I've known several people who have stayed in a bad relationship for the sex and been worse off for it. If you're just out for fun this might not apply, but taking sex (β€œin-person” sex, anyway) off the table gives you a chance to get to know someone on a different level. Plus, there's no chance of being used without knowing it.

The Truth Factor


Rhiannon Kennedy
This is great
And this guy who I wanted to meet rushed the meet up day on month 5 without even saying anything to me to arrange where he was going. So no there was not communication whatsoever.
but there's so many red flags that can be brought up, and it's hard to tell the difference between truth or lie on the Internet. I have multiple experiences with online dating. And I've stopped today.
There was a situation where I've met this guy online, he claims to being single for 4 years straight. Him and I had a few things in common and I approached him and started dating in a slow pace. Him a...
@carms, he's an ass...yes being online only makes it easier for someone to lie to you but people who treat someone the way he treated you are going to be jerks however they meet you. Think of how he's...
Hello girls
well, ive experienced being attached to someone i knew online, after sometime of knowing each othet he said that he wanted us to be like a couple, i told him that i like hum but we should know each ot...
Personally I love talking Abt a variety of subjects and also retain complete privacy in him finding out intimate things abt me, like a surprise Iam in same town as you right now ! I guess something li...
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