4. The Truth Factor

While it is very possible to “catfish” or otherwise lie to someone without being detected, a lot of people are more honest online than they are in person. Think about it; have you ever felt like you couldn't be yourself around certain people?

Have you had to “put on a happy face” and be polite when you feel anything but? This isn't a problem online; you can be as “real” as you want, when you want. This isn't saying you get to be mean so much as that you don't have to walk on eggshells as much.

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but there's so many red flags that can be brought up, and it's hard to tell the difference between truth or lie on the Internet. I have multiple experiences with online dating. And I've stopped today.
There was a situation where I've met this guy online, he claims to being single for 4 years straight. Him and I had a few things in common and I approached him and started dating in a slow pace. Him a...
@carms, he's an ass...yes being online only makes it easier for someone to lie to you but people who treat someone the way he treated you are going to be jerks however they meet you. Think of how he's...
Hello girls
well, ive experienced being attached to someone i knew online, after sometime of knowing each othet he said that he wanted us to be like a couple, i told him that i like hum but we should know each ot...
Personally I love talking Abt a variety of subjects and also retain complete privacy in him finding out intimate things abt me, like a surprise Iam in same town as you right now ! I guess something li...
Lynn Peacock
Great points.
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