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Girl's Guide to the Benefits of Video Dating ...

By Sici

There are several benefits of video dating. Okay, so you’ve tried Tinder, you’ve tried Bumble, you tried any other number of popular dating apps, and for some reason, you haven’t been able to have the kind of success that you were expecting. That kind of swipe left, swipe right format just isn’t for everybody, and sometimes it’s just about finding the right type of dating platform that works for you! If you didn’t already know, video dating is the format of choice that people are going to be talking about in 2018. Sure, the ideal way to find the love of your life is probably to do it completely organically, but this isn’t the era of 90s romantic comedies. In the 21st century, you sometimes need to do a little more tech related stuff! Here are some of the benefits of video dating.

1 More to Go on

Being able to chat with someone over video rather just through text messaging gives you much more to go on and allows you to get a better overall first impression of a person. What is their body language like? What does their voice sound like? Can you see anything in their background surroundings that could be a red flag? All of these little things come in to play. This is one of the best benefits of video dating.

2 The Voice

I just mentioned it, but it is worth a point all of its own. A person’s voice is a really important part, not only of their character but also a big factor in your potential attraction to them. A recent survey found that 72% of dating singles said that a person’s voice was one of the most attractive aspects of a person, only if they like it, of course!

3 No Catfishing

The ability to video chat with someone over traditional text messaging eliminates the possibility of catfishing, the process in which a person is tricked into thinking they are interacting with a completely different individual. People who like to catfish hide behind the security of text messaging, but with live video chat, this nasty practice is pretty much impossible to achieve.

4 No Filters

There is no hiding when it comes to live video chat, which means that neither you nor your online date can boost their appearance with a filter or two. Filters are cool for selfies, but we think its best to let your potential new romantic partner to see the real you before you both decide to take anything further!

5 Chemistry Gauge

It’s much easier to see whether you have chemistry with someone or not if you get to interact with them face to face, or screen to screen, as it were! With texting, you can create a whole persona for yourself that might not be real. When you are dealing with video, there is nowhere to hide.

6 Red Flag Detector

If someone you have been talking to decides that they don’t want to go on video, but are happy to keep texting, then that is a classic red flag that something might not be completely truthful on their end.

7 Keeps You Safe

If you are an anxious dater, then meeting first on video rather than in person can help you to become more comfortable with the situation and the possible new pairing. It also can keep you safe from anything dangerous until you build up trust.

8 Harder to Lie

It is much more difficult to lie on the spot during a video chat than it is to make something up and write it down via texting. With video dating, you tend to get a more honest and open discussion going without pretense.

9 Weed out the Cheats

Video dating is a great way to weed out the cheats among us! You will be able to get a much better sense of the vibe. For example, do they only want to video chat at weird times of the day? Are they a little nervous of spending too much time online with you?

10 Personal without Social Media

Video dating is a way for you to grow a personal connection with somebody online without having to resort to just the various social media platforms for any kind of information. You don’t have to scroll through years worth of Instagram posts when you have them right there, live on screen happy to answer any question!

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