7 Best Things about a New Relationship That We Adore ...


7 Best Things about a New Relationship That We Adore ...
7 Best Things about a New Relationship That We Adore ...

While every part of a relationship is exciting, there are also the best things about a new relationship that are unique to the initial stages of dating someone. A relationship changes over time, and while some of those changes may be for the best, you may lose some of the wonderful things about starting a new relationship. So while you are excited for all of the fun to come, try to appreciate all of the best things about a new relationship that we adore.

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The Butterflies

Anyone who has been in a new relationship at one point knows that getting butterflies in your stomach is one of the best things about a new relationship. Every time you see him, your stomach does knots in the best way possible. Having that excitement surrounding all aspects of your relationship is a great feeling that you never want to go away.


Getting to Know Each Other

In the beginning part of a relationship, you two have the chance to really get to know each other. You tell each other stories from your childhood, let each other know your little quirks, and just share yourself with each other. It is so exciting to learn new things about your boyfriend or girlfriend.


New Dates

Every date you go on is exciting because it is something you two have never done before. Even if it is as simple as going to see a movie, you two have never done that together. Will you hold hands? Will he put his arm around you? Each new date is a chance for you two to spend more time together and try something new.


Gushing with Your Friends

Whenever my friends start to date a new boy, I anticipate tons of gushing over him. And it is totally understandable, it is so much fun to tell all of your friends how nice your new boyfriend is and all of the adorable reasons you like him. I love hearing about the dates my friends go on when they just start out in a new relationship.


He is Still Chivalrous

As time goes on, your boyfriend might become more comfortable around you and might not feel the need to do the little things like open up a door for you or pull out your chair. My advice, enjoy it while it lasts. It is not necessarily a bad thing that your boyfriend might lose his chivalrous touch, but it is nice to be treated like a true lady here and there.


New Milestones

Your first kiss, your first date, your first night together. Every new relationship is filled with tons of “firsts.” Being able to celebrate those milestones is what makes a new relationship so special and is definitely one of the best things about a new relationship.


The Anticipation

You never know where your relationship will go when you two are first starting out. That leads to tons of butterflies, excitement, and anticipation about where you two will end up. Having that anticipation makes every moment of your new relationship so much more special.

Starting out in a new relationship can be such a wonderful time between two people. What did you think of these best things about a new relationship? What are you favorite parts of being in a new relationship? Why do you think this time is so special between two people?

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love this article!! i'm actually at this stage at the moment and all the things you have listed and described are all so true! It sure feels like a roller coaster and what i can say is that enjoy and make the most of it while it lasts! ^^

I don't want this stage to end!

I loved this stage in my relationship with my husband and best friend...sure, things have settled down and we have our son now, but that doesn't mean we love each other any less and don't have as much fun - it's the making time for each other between work, school, and our son that's difficult!

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