2. Accept That You Owe Him Something

That something is a response. A response to wherever you are in your relationship. If you no longer want to see him, chat with him online, or message him or call him, you need to tell him. If you are a decent person who cares about others’ feelings, you will want to do this.

You will want to let hi, know that you are no longer interested in him because he deserves a let down response.

You may be concerned that letting him down is hurtful, but trust me, being ghosted, zombied or mistreated is no boost for anyone’s self-esteem. These behaviours also take emotional energy on your behalf. Why bother wasting that effort when you could be investing it in your next dip into the dating pool? Brace yourself for the discomfort and deal with the issue, no matter how awkward.

Tell Him
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