3. Tell Him

The best way is to keep it simple, honest and straightforward. Every situation is different so you need to consider how you make the approach. If you have only made contact by chatting online, you can let him know you are no longer interested by thanking him for the fun chats, and letting him know you don’t think you’re a good match. If it's a first date, it is perfectly acceptable to send a text thanking him for the date and telling him you don’t feel a romantic connection.

If your connection has been building up to a first date but when the time comes and you’re asked out, you decide that there is no romantic feeling, do not give into the pressure of feeling you owe him. Do not simply go on the date because it is the easiest option. All that does is postpone the need to tell him. Politely decline and explain why. You will also need to decide whether you can remain friends or if you will cut all ties.

There are many horrible dating trends these days that leave people confused, upset and angry. Be honest and fair, because after all, wouldn’t you want to be treated the same way?

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