7 Best 👏 Ways to Gracefully 🙏 Handle Your First ☝️ Argument 😡 ...


When it comes to taking our blinkers off, some of us have a bit of a challenge — how is is that bae was so perfect until that one day, when we caught him being overtly selfish and not as considerate? Bae picks his nose, forgets about the toilet seat, bae comes with baggage... so, welcome to reality where everyone comes with baggage — everyone including you.

What type of baggage we are willing to put up with, that’s a different story. While this isn’t meant to be rain over the happy parade, the first argument in a relationship can determine the direction the relationship takes. It’s healthy and human, if handled gracefully. Here’s 7 suggestions on the topic.

1. Understand That It is Bound to Happen

It’s not humanly possible to sustain the euphoria that comes with the “honeymoon phase”. After a while, it fades. Habits set in and people get comfortable enough to show their real self, that’s usually when the first argument happens. Why? Bae and yourself are two individuals with different outlooks on a lot of things. Obviously you will not agree on stuff. An argument doesn’t mean that it’s the end, quite the contrary — it’s an effort to confront the things that separate you from one another. So, don’t stress. You might actually be getting closer.

Don’t Take It Personally
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