5. Show Your Hidden Talents

If you can sing, sing! If you know Spanish, order your meal from Mexican Town in Spanish! If you can dance, shake your booty! Impress your man with your unique, hidden talent. He’ll be pleasantly surprised and you’ll get a chance to show off a little.

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My husband and i are looking into having children, and i have always been confused as to which whole the penis goes in!!! HELP ME!
And we love you! Thanks for stopping by!
That IS true for a lot of men. Thanks for the added tip ;)
Glad we could help! :) Thanks for stopping by!
You are truly the love guru! I just love it
Guys find the neck sexy don't be afraid to show it off;)
this will help me alot, its so hard to know what men want!! at least i have a idea now :)
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