5. You Need Closure

You Need Closure

It's always nice to get closure, but it won't always happen. Sometimes, someone will break up with you without telling you why or giving you a chance to say goodbye. It's just something you'll have to get over.

You Shouldn’t Delete Him from Facebook


Stephanie Marie
Please replace that annoying pic on deleting from Facebook. It hurts my eyes and makes me nauseous
There's an ex that it took me a while to get over with. I'm still friends with him. The chemistry never faded and we just genuinely like each other. It's just that the relationship didn't work.
Well she is right, I was with my BF for over 2 years and we broke up for a little while then we got back together and ended up getting married! Anything is possible!
Same here it's been about 7 months and I can feel myself getting better but I still have those days.
Raven Belle
Yes it has been like eight months with out him and I still can't get the fucking over him
Whitney WhipMicurlz Baker
Yes it been almost a yeAr now n in still not over him
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