7 Boring Things Happy Couples Actually Have Fun Doing ...

When you're in love, even the most mundane activities can feel like exciting adventures. Why? Because you love your mate so much that you don't care what you two are doing together. All that matters is that you're getting to spend time side by side. If you don't believe it, here are a few boring things that happy couples actually have fun doing:

1. Grocery Shopping

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No one really wants to waste half of their paycheck on napkins and toilet paper. However, a casual trip to the store can actually be fun when you're with your mate. You can find fun ingredients to add to your ice cream sundaes, you can browse through the furniture isles to see what you'd like to own in your future house, and you can relive your childhood by looking through games in the toy aisles.

2. Watching Daytime TV

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Television is only fun when you find something interesting to watch. When you two don't feel like browsing through Netflix or putting on a movie you own, you'll be able to have fun watching horrible daytime television together. While watching a gameshow, you can challenge each other to see who would've won if you were on TV. While watching the news, you can guess which anchor the weather man is dating. You can even make fun of reality shows together.

3. Cooking

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If your partner agrees to cook with you, then you're bound to have a great time in the kitchen. Even if your cake comes out flat, you'll be able to say you had fun, because there's bound to be a flour fight at some point. Plus, there's nothing sexier than seeing your partner in the kitchen, so you're bound to have a steamy make out session while you're waiting for the timer to go off.

4. People Watching

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It doesn't matter if you're waiting on line at the bank or sitting at a boring party. Either way, you and your partner will have fun commenting on the people that pass by. Everyone has a story, and just because you don't know it, doesn't mean you can't make it up.

5. Reading the Paper

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Your boyfriend can tell you boring facts from the newspaper and you can read him ridiculous sex tips from Cosmo. Even if the stories would normally bore you both to tears, you're happy to chat about them, because you two can turn any conversation into an interesting one.

6. Doing HomeWork

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If your boyfriend has to write an essay for class or finish some paperwork from the office, you won't mind sitting next to him while he does it. You'll get to hear his silly comments about his coworkers and classmates. You'll get to see how fast he types on the computer. You'll even get to calm him down when he complains about how much he hates his life.

7. Sitting Silently

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Silence can be terrifying. On a first date, a lull in conversation can cause extreme anxiety. However, when you're next to a person you've been with for a while, someone that you feel completely comfortable with, you won't mind the silence. In fact, you'll enjoy it, because there's no place you'd rather be.

When you're in a happy relationship, every moment will feel like a special one. Have you and your partner ever had fun doing any of these mundane activities?

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