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7 Cancer Love Traits to Watch out for ...

By Heather

Whenever you are dealing with a Cancer, you’ve got to learn all about the Cancer love traits that are out there in order to understand your partner better! The Cancer sign is one that is often misunderstood and is a sign that can be extremely sensitive without you ever knowing it! Below, I’ve got the top Cancer love traits that you’ve got to watch out for whenever you are partnering up with a Cancer sign!

1 Mask Their Feelings

One of the top Cancer love traits that you might have a hard time getting past is the fact that they hide their feelings. It’s hard to really get under that mask, especially when you’ve hurt their feelings. They are sensitive, so really keep that in mind whenever you are talking to your Cancerian partner.

2 Will Always Crave More

This is a sign that is never, ever satisfied with exactly what they have. Whether you give them everything and more, they always want more. The Cancer is a sign that often wants and craves more and more attention and love than a lot of signs can give, so keep that in mind when you are fighting with your Cancer and not understanding why you aren’t enough.

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3 Truly Committed

The Cancer is a sign that is fully and truly committed in a relationship. What that means is that if you are in a relationship with a Cancer, you know that they are going to be loyal to you. That also means that nobody will steal their attention away because they are committed to you.

4 Negativity Can Upset a Cancer

Remember when I said that a Cancer sign is really sensitive but they will mask their feelings? Well, they absolutely hate negativity. They don’t want someone that is going to be negative around them, instead, they want to surround themselves with positive people all the time. They definitely don't want their partner to be negative at all, as that can really put a damper on their mood and can really, really affect them.

5 Need an Understanding Partner

The Cancer is a sign that needs a partner that is super understanding and a partner that is going to be able to get their little quirks and their love traits. If you live with a Cancer now, you know all about these traits and all about their quirks.

6 Very Giving in Nature

When you are with a Cancer, not only are you the only person that can steal their eyes, but you are the only person that will be privy to their attentions. They are very, very giving in a relationship and they will give themselves 100% to another person. They fall in love really deeply too, so keep that in mind.

7 Truly a Romantic

Finally, the last thing that you’ll need to watch out for whenever you are with a Cancer is the fact that they are true romantic. They are someone that can appreciate the small things in life and they love the memories of romance. They love to surprise their partner with flowers or even just a hand-written poem.

These are just a few of the love traits that you’ve got to watch out for whenever you are dealing with a Cancer! What are some of the others that I missed? Tell me!

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