2. Criticism

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We all have our individual ways of doing things and our own individual opinions, but that does not give us the right to belittle others for doing or seeing something differently.

You are spending the rest of your life with this person, so do you really want to be in a marriage in which you are constantly criticising the things that they do and the decisions that they make? This will ruin a marriage in record time, so rather than criticising, perhaps have a calm, polite discussion about your grievances. You’ll be surprised how easily most issues can be resolved!



Camille Anne Rancourt
Not only will it prevent from arranging problems, it will create more and then they both will end up cutting communication because they do not feel heard ..
Camille Anne Rancourt
In fact, as it’s written communication is a way to prevent there problems but if one’s do not try to listen and really learn from what’s being said by your chosen partner it will be not only felt by your significant other .
Camille Anne Rancourt
I love your point and I am sure it’s true! But I think that lack of significant communication could be added as well.
Lisa Marie Obrotka
I've given up hope that I will ever get married. When I was younger I should have went right not left
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