Characteristics 💋 of Women 👩 That Men 🧔 Are Attracted to 😍 ...

There are lots of characteristics men are attracted to. Ladies, have you ever wondered about what type of women that men look for? I think to myself, OK, maybe I need to be this way. Plan A didn't work. So, I did plan B. Then, plan C. What do they want from me! I just might see what type of woman I am from below, and do more research. There are lots of characteristics men are attracted to and here are just a few of the best one.

1. Being Childish

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This is a super stress breaker, especially if he has a stressful job. A woman who likes to play will be like an intoxicating drink to him.

2. Sex Addicts

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Yet another stress breaker a man looks for in a woman. Do you think a man would honestly pass up sex?

3. Mysterious

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She does not tell him everything about herself. He will want to keep coming back for more.

4. Virginity

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Men give her the utmost respect. Men do not pressure her either.

5. Action

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Men like women who are into football, baseball, basketball, etc. What is sexy is when you root for the same team or the challenge of opposite teams.

6. Spoiled

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Men like women who spoil themselves with their own money. This shows they are not after his money.

7. Confident

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Men like a woman who is sure of herself. However, men also like to be asked for help. Thus, he feels more of a man.

8. Motherly

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Men like motherly woman because men like to be spoiled. Plain and simple.

9. Eccentric

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Men like women who are different. Such women do not care what other people think. Men find such a woman to be sexy.

So, what type of woman are you? What type of woman would you like to be? Play around with a few and see for yourself how a man might come your way! Do all 9 as a little experiment. You might have fun! Summer is on its way so don't delay!


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