6. Respectful

Another characteristic of a good man is respect. He needs to have manners and treat others with respect. He also needs to be someone that deserves respect. The worse thing is to be around someone who is unnecessarily rude to others and acts inappropriately.

Family Orientated


@Heather Jensen, Thanks Heather! Ok I'll try it! What about me not seeing him much? How can I hang out with him without sounding desperate?
Heather Jensen
Hey Anon! The biggest thing is reassurance. You want to reassure your guy friend that you aren't going to be ruining your friendship just because you want to take it to the next level. First though...
Hey I need help with my guy friend! He's 3 years older and I hardly see him but I like him a lot! How do I get him to like me? How could I get him to realize I like him? How do I tell him without ruin...
@Heather Jensen, Being sensitive is a great quality for a man to have, but in terms of relationships it can be a very bad thing. In my experience, sensitive and considerate men tend to be rejected and...
Heather Jensen
Totally agree! Whoever I'm with has to be sensitive!
Heather Jensen
Ditto All men should be like that ...
i love a man that is kind, caring , and very supportive
Mine too!! I need to have a sense of humor!
If he can make me laugh, he can have my heart;)
Definitely! I'll see if I can get some friend posts up for you! What would you like to see?
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