7 Characteristics of a Maneater That Will Help You Spot One Instantly ...


7 Characteristics of a Maneater That Will Help You Spot One Instantly ...
7 Characteristics of a Maneater That Will Help You Spot One Instantly ...

Whether her actions are blatantly visible or tactfully discrete, familiarity with the characteristics of a maneater will help in spotting one instantly. The male equivalent, often referred to as a player, is praised and envied. When a woman mirrors the moves of a player, she is regularly begrudged by women and loathed by men – merely because they cannot have her. Ever since Nelly Furtado’s release of the notable hit Maneater in 2006, I’ve been fascinated by the woman that "you wish you never ever met her at all." After understanding the characteristics of a maneater, you’ll know when you’re in the presence of one and even how to mimic her if that’s your desire!

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Calls the Shots

Of all the characteristics of a maneater, bossiness is never absent. She makes the decisions according to her own time and needs leaving the man utterly powerless. A maneater rarely initiates contact, and when called or texted, she chooses if the man’s worthy of her time before responding. Meetings occur if, where, and when she wants. Her attention is so difficult to grasp that, to a man, it’s disguised as a reward. If he fails to see things her way, he quickly returns to her list of nobodies.

A maneater is a woman who is very controlling and demanding in a relationship. She is always the one making the decisions and doesn't allow her partner to have any say in what goes on. She is also very elusive and hard to get ahold of, making her partner feel like he is constantly chasing after her. If he doesn't do things her way, she will quickly cut him off and move on to someone else.


Maneaters are often very manipulative and have a tendency to play games. They will often make their partners feel as though they are the ones who need to earn their attention and affection. They may also be prone to lying and withholding information in order to control the relationship.

Maneaters tend to be very independent and self-sufficient. They rarely rely on their partners for anything and prefer to take care of themselves. This can make them seem unapproachable and intimidating.

Maneaters are often very demanding and expect their partners to meet their needs without question. They can be very critical of their partners and may not be willing to compromise.

Maneaters are often very materialistic and may expect their partners to buy them expensive gifts or pay for their meals. They may also be very jealous and possessive, wanting to control who their partner spends time with.

Maneaters can be very seductive and flirtatious. They may use their charm and good looks to get what they want from their partners. They may also be very sexually aggressive and may be willing to engage in risky behavior.


Never Impressed

When a man no longer considers fulfilling a women’s wishes a challenge, he will begin to lose interest. While avoiding acting repulsed, she will instead act unmoved by his attempts at impressing her. His natural response is to try harder because he’s failed to measure up to men she is used to. Although she may tender a "thank you" and reward him here and there, she will always give the impression that his efforts could be better – in order to conspicuously abolish his ego. If she and the man are sexually active, she’ll use this as a leverage. For all the things he does for her, he earns a rightfully deserved sexual encounter – and more importantly, scarcely rare.

Men are naturally attracted to women who are challenging and who seem unattainable. When a man feels that he has finally won a woman over and she is no longer a challenge, he will lose interest. The best way to keep a man's interest is to keep him guessing and to always appear slightly out of reach. Even if a man is actively pursuing a woman, she should make him feel as though he is not quite good enough and that he still has to work for her approval. This will keep him motivated and interested in the relationship. If a man is only interested in a woman for her sexual favors, she can use this to her advantage by withholding sex until he has done something to earn it. This will ensure that he remains attentive and focused on her needs.


A maneater is a woman who is confident, independent, and unafraid to go after what she wants. She is not easily impressed and does not give her attention away easily. She is not afraid to take charge and make decisions. A maneater is also not afraid to stand up for herself and her beliefs. She is not afraid to speak her mind and challenge the status quo. She is also not afraid to take risks and try new things. Finally, a maneater is not afraid to take control and be the one in charge. She is not afraid to be the leader in a relationship and does not let anyone take advantage of her.

Frequently asked questions

A maneater is a person who is seen as very confident in dating. They often date many people and sometimes might not care about other's feelings, focusing on their own desires.

Many maneaters might not look for serious relationships and can be more interested in casual dating or short-term flings.

Be cautious and protect your feelings. Communicate clearly about your expectations and be prepared to walk away if you're not comfortable with the situation.

Yes, it's possible. People can change, and a maneater might develop serious feelings for someone over time.

Yes, anyone can be considered a maneater, regardless of their gender.

They may have a history of dating lots of people and may not want to commit to a relationship or be responsible for other's feelings.

They may avoid deep emotional connections and responsibilities that come with a serious relationship, preferring to keep things light and fun.

Not necessarily. It depends on personal values and if they are honest with their intentions without hurting others.

It's possible, but one should be careful and not expect a maneater to change their behavior overnight. It's important to proceed with caution and clear communication.

They often give off a very confident vibe and might seem to be very charming and flirty with lots of people.


Disappears from the Face of the Earth

Every maneater has a knack for the disappearing act. A woman’s absence makes a man yearn for the slightest speck of attention. He’ll wonder for days what he did wrong, who replaced him, and if he’ll ever get her back. Undermining his confidence will only inflate hers because she’s succeeded at making him feel lame. This will cause the man to try millenniums harder to please her if she ever gives him the chance. Whether her disappearance lasts a few days or even months, he will be severely impacted by it.


This paragraph highlights the characteristic of a maneater to disappear from a man's life, leaving him yearning for her attention and wondering what he did wrong. This behavior is a tactic used by maneaters to undermine a man's confidence and make him feel inadequate. It can last for days or even months, causing a significant impact on the man's emotional state. This disappearing act is a common trait among maneaters and is used to gain power and control over a man's emotions. It is important to be aware of this behavior in order to spot a maneater and protect oneself from potential emotional manipulation.


Multiple Victims at a Time

The most necessary attribute of a maneater is the refusal of developing feelings. Receiving attention from multiple men at a time makes it easier for her to resist the temptation of falling for one of them. While instilling the fear that she at any time may move on to another man, she will stress to each one that they are the only one. Men don’t like to share, and if the woman they are pursuing is associating with other men, they may lose interest. She’ll avoid posting evidence to social media and portraying PDA simply to keep her options open.


A maneater is someone who has a tendency to manipulate and use men for her own gain. She is often selfish and uncaring about the feelings of the men she is dealing with. She will often flaunt her multiple relationships and act as if she is untouchable. She will also use her sexuality to her advantage, often using it as a tool to make men do whatever she wants. She will also be very secretive and avoid posting evidence of her relationships on social media. She is usually very charming and charismatic, which makes it even harder to spot a maneater.


Avoids Relationships

Although a maneater may at some point surrender to caring for someone other than herself, she will then be considered retired. Maneaters consider solely their own feelings, not those of others. A girl whose boyfriend is constantly on his knees longing to please her can often be mistaken for a maneater, but unless she’s not committed or invested in the relationship at all, she is not one. Some girls are sneaky and engage in relationships, only that are advantageous to them, while continuing to fraternize with other men. Remember, a maneater’s goal is to lure a man into an obsession with her and spits him out. This is, of course, until she finds a man who does the same to her!


With relationships nothing more than a chessboard, our quintessential maneater is the cunning queen—*forever treading carefully around potential mates who could checkmate her autonomous rule. It's a strategic dance of detachment, ensuring she never gambles her position away. Yet, in a twisted irony, these prowling ladies might find themselves ensnared by someone who plays the game even better. And when this happens, it truly is a sight to beholdthe maneater, once the predator, now locked in a tango with a partner who can match her move for move, turn the tables, and perhaps even tame her wild heart.


Everyone Envies Her Individuality

She is unique, confident, and has the attention of every person in the room – including women. To be a maneater, you must be unafraid of being alone and unaffected by other people’s opinions. She knows the importance of always appearing beautiful, fashionable, and desirable. She does her own thing and doesn’t take notice of her competition because, in her opinion, she has none. It is important to maintain the composure of being the girl everyone wants to be – not jealous, insecure, or competitive. If a guy doesn’t want her, she forgets him and finds one that does.


A maneater is a woman who is confident in her own skin and has the ability to attract attention from both men and women. She is unafraid of being alone and is unaffected by what others think of her. She knows the importance of always looking her best and exuding a desirable aura. She is independent and does not feel the need to compete with other women. She is able to recognize when someone is not interested in her and quickly moves on to someone who is.

A maneater is not jealous or insecure. She is secure in her own skin and does not need validation from anyone else. She is able to take control of her own life and make decisions that are best for her. She is not afraid to go after what she wants and is not afraid to take risks.

A maneater is also intelligent and knows how to use her charm and wit to get what she wants. She is able to read people and knows how to use her wit and charm to her advantage. She is also able to recognize when someone is not interested in her and quickly moves on to someone who is.


Guy’s Girl

A maneater is well versed in befriending men even if it is just as friends. She is accustomed to placing men in the friend zone because she only dates the best of the best. She’s used to watching the game, playing video games, and even shooting hoops with the guys. Men adore women that can be one of the guys. She exudes confidence while doing so and even uses this time to flirt around.

Maneating is a dangerous and not something you want to make a habit of! It can really come back to bite you in the butt, which is why it’s important to not be too heavily determined on mirroring these traits. Do you know a maneater, or are you one? Are there more characteristics you’d like to share?

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Definitely not cool to be a man eater. Sure it's ok to be alone and to explore options but intentionally treating men like this is selfish and immature. Not something to be admired. Daniela is right; women who treat men or anyone like this will end up bitter and alone.

I thought a man eater was a woman who lead on many men to fall in love with her only to move to the next man and so on.

I'm amazed that this article would ever be featured on this site. This is 2014. A time when women have options and are encouraged to take advantage of the options they've earned and are well-deserved - including how, when, where and with whom they choose to spend their time. Men who criticize women for taking these options display characteristics of a controlling personality that is very loud warning signal to confident and independent women. Controlling men wbo place expectations on a woman that she is not comfortable with very often manifest into abusive male partners. That's why wisdom and strength of character alerts them to keep their distance.

I love being a maneater

Amazing love your blog :-* ASOS coupon code

I met a man-eater woman and I lost my career due to this. Well, do explain this it would take me several 100 pages to explain. In short, she had a BPD and was my team leader. She felt attracted to me and challenged me all the time. One time she praised me, one time she played me down, and manipulated my fellow workers to hurt me. For example she had sex with a fellow worker right in her office which was next to mine and she knew I was overhearing this. She was mentally weak but tried to raise her self-confidence by weakening me. This is no lie. I could go on and on to the gory details. I finally quit the job because of the bad rumors she spread. But it was all of her faults and tricks. Never met a person of such a diabolic nature. Lesson learned: if a woman wants it, she's able to destruct you. Never marry!

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