7 Charming Ways to Attract an Aquarius ...


While there are plenty of ways to attract an Aquarius, you've got to know the right ones! My BFF is an Aquarius and I absolutely love him – but he's hard to pin down and finds it difficult to pay attention to someone exclusively. If you have a huge crush on an Aquarius and are wondering how to attract an Aquarius, take a look at my tips below! They work and I promise, your Aquarius-crush will be after you in no time!

1. You've Got to Stand out in a Crowd

An Aquarius is a sign that is so out-going, so over the top and so out there, it's hard for them to really pinpoint exactly who they like. That means that you'll have to stand out in a crowd and you'll really have to work to impress your amazing Aquarius-crush. Remember, learning to attract an Aquarius is difficult, but it isn't impossible at all!

Bubbly Personality


i m an aquarius and this is so true
This is so true
Heather Jensen
Thank you for reading!! :)
Samama Mahmud
thank you soo much for putting this up <3
This is So me😊&#x00000;
So very true! I'm an Aquarian. 👯👯
True Aquarian I am these are all so true 😉
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