7 Cheap and Creative Date Ideas for Broke Couples in Love ...


For the low maintenance ladies out there looking for creative and cheap date ideas that won’t have you ordering off the dollar menu of a fast food joint, listen up. Dating does not have to abide by a strict dinner-and-a-movie rule. And if you’ve been dating the same man long term, you might be trying to save money for your future together. Grab your someone special and a few bucks and try some of these super creative and cheap date ideas. After all, you can still spend time with the one you love without spending tons of money.

1. Stage a Fun Photo Shoot

When it comes to creative and cheap date ideas, staging your own couple photo shoot could really be a lot of fun. Go out to the nearest dollar store and buy a few props, such as oversized sunglasses, fake mustaches, glittery stickers or plastic hats. The dollar store is the perfect place to get maximum goofiness on a minimum budget. Then get out there and snap some photos. Instagram it on your phones or go old school and find yourself a disposable camera and a one hour photo lab. Either way, you’ll have a cute little date, some mementos to remember it by and pictures to show off.

Browse a Local Flea Market


If only I had a boyfriend ..
or a classic picnic in the park!
Tara Ann
Geocaching should be added to the list🔍
Jade Rhianna Hitchen
Perfect timing, I was literally about to google this! 😄
Tamara Bonner
I love this! I was at work all night trying to figure out what me and my babe could do for date night tonite (and we're broke this week lol) the flea market idea sounds great, he just moved into his n...
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