Cheap 💰 but Meaningful 😊 Date Ideas 💡 for Couples 💑 on a Budget💸 ...

Looking for some cheap but meaningful date ideas? Dating does not have to be like in the movies. You know, all expensive to be important. There are many ways couples can do meaningful things together that don't have to cost a lot, if anything. It is simply about being together. The following are some great cheap but meaningful date ideas.

1. Play Poker Together

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Before playing, buy little dollar store gifts to use as prizes. Do one of you not know how to play? Better yet! Teach one another! This is one of the best cheap but meaningful date ideas.

2. Go to the Local Library

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Have him pick out a book or movie and you pick out a book or movie. Read or watch them together.

3. Have a Candlelit Dinner at Home

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Make dinner as a couple. There's nothing like a delicious home cooked meal!

4. Volunteer Together to Be Models at a Beauty or Hair School

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Both of you will be pampered and looking hot!

5. Take Photos

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Go camera happy together at home or out-on-the-town.

6. Go Thrift Shopping

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Buy each other a gift, but set a limit...maybe $5.00 or less.

7. Watch YouTube Videos Together

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Watch videos, whether funny, educational, musical, etc.

8. Volunteer for the Homeless

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Make toiletry kits for a local homeless shelter.

9. Work-out Together

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Not only healthy but sweaty and sexy!

10. Babysit

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If you know of a parent or parents who could use a break, offer to babysit as a couple.

11. Have a Yard Sale

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Get rid of stuff neither of you needs, then do something special with the money you earn.

See how easy it is to spend quality moments together without going broke? All it takes is a little imagination. Whether your first date or your 50th anniversary, I hope you find these suggestions useful and romantic.


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