15 Cheating Stats That'll Blow Your Mind ...


15 Cheating Stats That'll Blow Your Mind ...
15 Cheating Stats That'll Blow Your Mind ...

I saw some cheating stats this week that just blew my mind. We’re all so used to the same old story – it’s breadwinners who cheat, men are the worst culprits, it’s always physical. A massive study into infidelity blew most of these out of the water, though – and most people couldn’t believe it when told. The news has been so revolutionary that there are whole talks about the results. So, do these cheating stats surprise you?!

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Married Men Cheat More…

When it comes to cheating in a relationship, just as many women as men admitted to doing the deed. When it comes to married people, though, men are well in the lead. 22% of married men admitted to cheating at least once during their marriage, compared to just 14% of married women. That’s an 8% difference. This is one of those mind-blowing cheating stats that really baffles!


Interestingly, this gap in fidelity seems to stem from various factors, such as differences in social conditioning, opportunity, and even biology. Men are often portrayed as having stronger sexual impulses, and societal expectations can unfortunately skew perception of male infidelity as being more tolerable. Furthermore, in many cases, men have more opportunities to cheat due to traditional work environments and social circles that might enable such behavior. But it's essential to note that these factors in no way justify cheating; they merely provide a possible explanation for why a higher percentage of men report such actions.


It’s Not Physical…

Cheating doesn’t have to be physical. While most people think that affairs are all about the steamy stuff, the cheats themselves have drastically different views. 41% of cheats admitted to a type of cheating that wasn’t physical – mainly in the form of emotional affairs. Non-physical cheating is a lot more common in married couples, too. Experts claim it’s because it’s a lot easier to hide an emotional connection to someone else than a physical one, especially when it comes to feeling guilty or worried.


It’s Business…

It seems business trips might deserve their shady reputations. When quizzed about where their affairs started, or how cheats found time to have an affair without their other half knowing, business trips were a common answer. 35% of cheaters admitted to starting an affair whilst on a business trip – and most of them claimed it wouldn’t have happened without the trip. Whether it’s the free hotel room or all that booze at tea, it seems the trips might be for pleasure, too…


Business trips have long been associated with affairs, and it seems the reputation is well deserved. In a survey of cheaters, 35% admitted to starting an affair while on a business trip, and many of them said it wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t been away.

The survey also revealed that the most common way for cheaters to find time to have an affair without their partner knowing was to take business trips. This is likely due to the fact that the trips offer a certain amount of freedom and anonymity that is difficult to find at home.

The survey also found that many cheaters felt more confident in their ability to keep their affairs a secret while on a business trip. This is likely due to the fact that they have more control over their environment and can more easily hide their activities.

Cheating on business trips is not exclusive to any particular demographic. In fact, the survey revealed that cheaters of all ages, genders, and backgrounds were equally likely to take advantage of the opportunities for infidelity that business trips offer.


It’s Not Quick…

How long do you think the average affair lasts? Most people claimed one night, with a few guessing a few weeks, or even a month or so. It’s clear that the average person thinks that affairs burn out quickly! According to the research, though, most ‘flings’ actually last much longer. The average is two years, with some affairs going on for over a decade.


This certainly shatters the myth of the fleeting tryst. In fact, what starts as a covert operation often evolves into a parallel relationship, complete with emotional investment and a complex web of deceit. Data suggests that something within these unlawful liaisons grips the parties involved, anchoring them in a situation that many would assume to be transient. Clearly, affairs are not just about stolen moments—they often mean painstaking efforts to juggle secret schedules and concoct alibis. The longevity of such affairs might be a testament to the depths of connection or entanglement that can occur, even outside the realm of a committed relationship.


Keep It in the Family…

No, this isn’t a stat about the ‘cheating gene,’ or whether having parents who cheat affects your chances. It’s far grosser than that! A huge 17% of respondents admitted to cheating on their partner with their brother or sister-in-law. Yep, family. Why? For most, it seems that it’s just much more convenient – and a lot less likely to be suspicious.


This shocking statistic highlights the disturbing trend of infidelity within families. While it may seem convenient and less likely to be discovered, cheating with a family member can have damaging effects on not only the relationship with the partner, but also with the entire family dynamic. Additionally, studies have shown that individuals who come from families where infidelity is prevalent are more likely to engage in cheating themselves. This further emphasizes the importance of addressing and breaking the cycle of infidelity within families.


Women do It Too…

Men do stay in the lead in the ‘most likely to cheat’ scales, with a whopping 57% admitting to cheating in one or more relationships throughout their lives. However, women weren’t that far behind. 54% of women have had an affair, and 23% had cheated on more than one partner. It seems we don’t quite deserve our innocent explanation.


While men are often spotlighted for their infidelity, it's a mistake to think that women don't succumb to similar temptations. These statistics shatter any lingering gender biases about who cheats more. The reasons behind why women straying are just as complex and varied as their male counterparts. From emotional dissatisfaction to a desire for variety, women's motivation for stepping out on their relationship often goes beyond the mere quest for physical gratification, weaving a complicated web of emotional fulfillment and sometimes, rebellion against traditional relationship constraints.


Nobody Comes Clean…

I can’t decide if this is one of the most or least surprising cheating stats, so I’ll leave it up to you. When it comes to being found out, most cheaters won’t admit to any more than their other half can prove. Even when confronted with evidence, almost all said that they’d lie, and 98% would minimize what had been discovered. It fits the classic cheating script – lie, minimize, deny, blame – but it’s a shocking thing to admit to!


We often imagine that, faced with the fallout of their actions, a person might succumb to a guilt-ridden confession. Yet, the harsh reality is far from this idealistic hope. The vast majority play down their indiscretions, wrapping their lies in half-truths and omissions. In their minds, they may believe they're protecting their partner from further hurt, or perhaps they're simply safeguarding their own image. Regardless, this stat reveals the sobering truth that, even in the shadow of discovery, the cheater's instinct is to shield themselves first, with honesty often falling by the wayside.


Coworkers Get Close...

Not many affairs begin between strangers, like you might see on television. In fact, 60% start at work. Since he sees his coworkers so often, it’s convenient for him to cozy up to one of them. Plus, unless you work together, there’s no way for you to see how he interacts with her at the office.


Many do It...

No one wants to be cheated on, and no one wants to be labeled a cheater. However, when surveyed, 41% of married men and women admitted to cheating. That’s nearly half! It’s no surprise that the divorce rate keeps raising when relationships are this shaky.


The implications of these numbers are staggering. It reflects not just the prevalence of infidelity in modern marriage, but also the fragility of trust. Couples therapy and open communication have proven to be crucial in addressing such issues. Nonetheless, despite the best efforts of many to mend the bonds, the statistics speak to a larger societal trend that values personal gratification over commitment and honesty. This worrying shift might be a sign that we need to reevaluate how we approach relationships and the expectations we set for fidelity.


Texts Can Get Flirty...

Would you be angry if you found flirty texts in your boyfriend’s phone? According to huffingtonpost.com, “More than 80 percent of women felt that texting or online flirting were unfaithful acts, only 56 percent of men agreed.” No one wants their partner flirting with someone else. Their words may be harmless, but they could lead to an affair.


Kissing is Controversial...

According to huffingtonpost.com, “All of the women polled (100 percent) thought that sharing a passionate kiss counted as cheating, but only 86 percent of men felt the same.” It’s hard to believe that anyone would think of a kiss as a harmless act, but they do. When you enter a relationship with a man, it might be helpful to tell him exactly what you consider cheating, even if it seems obvious to you.


Divorce May Follow...

There are plenty of different reasons why couples get divorces. Some simply fall out of love. Others have financial or moral issues. However, 17% of divorces are caused by infidelity. As common as cheating seems to be, it’s a deal-breaker for most people.


Possibility of Pregnancy...

Whenever you hook up with someone, you can’t forget about the possibility of pregnancy. According to truthaboutdeception.com, 2-3% of children are the products of one parent’s infidelity. Some women tell their children who their real father is, while others lie about it. If you’d be too embarrassed to tell your child who their real father is, then you should reconsider sleeping with the man at all.


Don’t Get Caught...

Would you cheat if you knew for a fact that you wouldn’t get caught? 68% of women and 74% of men claim that they would, if given the chance. The biggest thing that keeps them from staying loyal isn’t their love, but their worry over being found out.


Love Doesn't Fade...

If someone cheats on you, it doesn’t mean that he’s fallen out of love with you. His feelings may remain, but he is unsatisfied with a certain aspect of the relationship. Instead of working things through with you, he decided to take the easy way out and find someone new, who he had no issues with. If your man cheats, you have a right to kick him to the curb, but know that he may still really love you.

Some of these cheating stats really surprised me. While women often get a reputation for being innocent and faithful, it appears that we don’t quite deserve that reputation – but men aren’t all innocent, either. And when it comes to business trips and emotional affairs, nobody comes off well. Are you surprised by these cheating stats?!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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I'm not all that surprised to be honest. Women these days act & have been taking on the role play of what men have been associated with for decades, LIARS & CHEATS! I'm sure to some men, these stats would justify their behavior where as some men may begin to start questioning exactly WHO they are in a relationship with and IF they truly are loyal. Bottom line is, it all depends on the person & their history in past relationships (not just boyfriend/girlfriend relationships either)..... In someone's sense of "past", a lot can lead them up to the point at which they are at this very moment regarding their relationships...I'm not condoning or making up excuses for the "cheater" as I strongly think it's wrong & I know first hand the damage & hurt that cheating causes, but if you really think about it, even though they ARE old enough to know what's right or what's wrong, you can't expect them to follow through if they have never had a secure, stable example of someone that showed them how to do so in their every day actions. So, regarding the stats, it's really not surprising to me.....although women may be doing exactly or acting exactly the way particular men have for decades, what they don't realize is that they are giving themselves a bad name and going to make it very difficult for someone to ever trust them. I speak for men as well......

I really shouldn't read articles like this. It always makes me sad for some reason.

#5 my wife did with her brother but come to find out when he was 17 and she was 10 he had done it with her then. While during our marriage, he lived with us for a year and they decided to revist the younger days. This time they were older and mature.

This survey contradicts itself. In the first section it says that 22 % of men admit to cheating in a marriage and 14 % of women admit. In section 9, they both admit to cheating at 41% . How am I supposed to believe this.

Non-physical, this is where it starts. Some women looking for another man's opinion, someone she can talk with while he listens as he is willing to try to comfort her by sharing opinion. Just because her significant other has not been there to be with , and the other guy he is also the same attitude not giving his time to be with his partner. These two emotionally act could end up obviously are both cheaters. Some men has their weakness when it comes to women. And I think most likely women takes advantage of their weakness. And men has their opportunity to act up on it as if he is a good relationships counselor or therapist and takes advantage of women that are at a level having emotional need of comforts from another and such women don't care whether the man she is getting comfort from is involve with someone he is serious. As long as she can have that need of comfort. Women has more capable of starting an affair or cheat because men are weak will easily give in to have the opportunity starting with emotional comfort giving. In short these cheaters both men/women can get to be a pro. That they are way too smart of a liar, and will always find their reasons way out denying it. From my own experiencing it right now. They are rude. It takes two to tango. It's game people play cheaters to see who will give in first. As in who is the fish and who is trying to catch the fish.

Just found out my husband has been cheating nearly every work morning for the last year and a half with a woman from his work. He would leave for work a couple hours early and tell me it was about job security, getting things done etc. he spoke about her to me fairly often proclaiming what a good Christian woman she was. Would never swear and went to church. As a Christian myself but not the type to walk around talking about it I was offended. What Christian woman would carry on with my husband for a year and a half and still call herself that. It has been 22 days he moved in with her. Now this Christian woman is living with a married man. Her son is gay and my husband told me (before I knew all of this) that she's such a strong Christian she she told her son he could never have his gay friends to the house. Hippocrate. FYI , I had no clue, I believed him, trusted him and no communication between him and her on the weekends and evenings. I'm still in shock. Oh and the last time I saw this woman at his work and she came up and hugged me! Phony, fake Christian woman.

Last ones my ex... Phone records and all right in front of his face.. But he never talked to her. Really? Makes me laugh now thankfully! :)

If there weren't men willing to sleep with married women, or if there weren't women willing to sleep with married men (throw in there same-sex affairs) maybe infidelity would be rare. At the end of the day, both genders share the culpability. Those who initiate an affair aren't more guilty that those who have no qualms about getting in the middle of a relationship and contributing to its breakdown!


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