10 Classic Mistakes That End Relationships ...


Mistakes that end relationships can be something as simple as not communicating all the way to snooping in each other's things. If you think that you might be commiting some of these mistakes that end relationships, don't worry, I've got a list for you! I'm going to go through the top 10 classic mistakes that end relationships that you could be making right now.

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The number one mistakes that end relationships is cheating. If someone cheats on you, most likely, you are not going to be with that person any longer. This is the most common mistake that people break up, but it's not the only mistake!


No Communication

When you're in a relationship, you have to actually talk to the person that you are in a relationship with. Bottling up feelings and even pushing everything on down isn't the greatest idea. Typically this leads to resentment and leads to a huge, blow out fight. If you're looking to not repeat this mistake that ends relationships, make sure you communicate with your partner!


Lack of Intimacy

Now, I am not just talking about sex, but I am talking about a true connection. You have to not just communicate with your partner, but you have to connect with them and have some fun with them. If you aren't having that, why are you in a relationship?


Not Acknowledging One Another

Sometimes, when you really are deep in the mist of a bad relationship, you don't even acknowledge one another. You basically are just existing together, without any real communication. If you live together, it's almost like you are roommates instead of in a relationship.


Not Listening

This goes hand-in-hand with no communication: you aren't listening to one another. If you aren't listening then you truly aren't understanding what your partner needs. If you're in a relationship, you need to make sure that you are listening to your partner! This is absolutely one of the most common mistakes that ends relationships super easily!



Oh jealousy, I know you very well. I fully admit that I'm a jealous person, but I do not let my jealousy rule me. A lot of relationships end because the boyfriend or girlfriend gets jealous for no reason at all and is obsessive about it. If you trust your partner, let them do whatever they want.



And that leads us into distrust. Typically, there is a reason why you distrust your partner, why the trust was broken in the first place. Once you fix that, this distrust typically can be repaired, but only if you resolve the problem.



Are you paranoid that your partner is going to break up with you? Are you paranoid that you are going to get left? This is one of the common mistakes that ends relationships all of the time because then the partner that is not paranoid feels pressured to stay, instead of wanting to stay.



Just because you are with someone doesn't mean that you have a right to go through every single thing that they own. Snooping is a very common mistake that ends relationships because who wants their things gone through all of the time? So ladies, back off his phone, his bedroom and his car and trust him!



Finally, harmless, small little flirting with a co-worker or even just a random girl can actually end a relationship as well. Nobody likes to be made jealous on purpose and if your guy is constantly flirting up other girls, it might be a sign for something else.

There are tons of different mistakes that ends relationships that happen every single day. Who knows, maybe you're making some of these mistakes that ends relationships right now and you are surviving them! So ladies, how many mistakes like this have you committed?

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I'm 19 and i have been in a long distance relationship for 4 years with this super hot guy. We don't meet much, but i talk to him over phone every night. For the past 1 year, he keeps constantly complainin' and demands my attention. I do think about him all the time, but as I'm in college now, I need sometime to study and get along. 2 days back we had an arguement and he cut my call. I tried callin' him back, but there was no response! Then today he texted me 'i hate u' and i replied 'i hate u too'..i called him again several times, but he did not respond. What should i do? I really love him. Is it the end of my relationship??

I agree with the snooping, to be honest... I understand the argument, that you get infos about him/her, but this just isn't right. If you find out as the one who is "snooped at", you are hurt and disappointed in the partner... of course it can be HELPFULL or giving you an advantage, but that doesn't make it RIGHT... cheating could also be helpful in some situations... you learn to value the things in the partner noone else has you cheat because you miss something in your relationship, and if the third person has this, but not the stuff to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, it can be helpful, because you won't leave your partner just because of this one missing thing (I hope I stated this in a way to understand :) ), but Those reasons don't make the act of cheating RIGHT... and just because you think you have reasons to do this or that, be it snooping or cheating, it doesn't mean that your partner won't be hurt, and that way it can very easily end your relationship... gawd, sometimes I just write and write O.o

I don't fully agree with number "9. snooping" I've done it with a few guys and i'm glad I have cause I've discovered that they were cheating or learned more about them that saved me from making mistakes and i don't mind if my boyfriend looks through my things. I have nothing to hide and neither should he.

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