7 Classic Reasons Your Guy Clams up ...


There are a lot of different reasons he clams up that you might not know about! If you've been having problems with your boyfriend clamming up, you might want to take a look at my top 7 classic reasons he clams up, just to see if you can crack his quietness and get him to open on up! So girls, you ready to see some of the reasons he clams up that might help you bring your guy out of his shell?

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Trust Issues

One of the reasons he clams up is because he might not fully trust you or, he has trust issues in general. Truth be told, most of the time, when a man has trust issues, it could be because of a past relationship. This, in turn can make him clam up on everything. It's hard to pull a guy who has trust issues out of his shell, but it can be done! You've just got to keep trying ladies!


Your Reaction

Another reason he clams up is because of your reaction. As women, we tend to wear a lot of our emotions on our sleeves and that can actually show when a man states something that we don't like or something that we don't want to hear. So girls, you might want to keep your reactions at bay when your man is telling you something important. After all, you don't want him not to trust you enough to tell you things right?


Past Experience

Remember those trust issues that I mentioned above? Well girls, it all revolves around past experiences and this is absolutely another reason he clams up. If he's had a lot of bad experiences in the past about expressing his feelings or his emotions, he might make it harder for you to get under his skin and inside of his shell.


You Question Him Too Much

We, as women don't want to let things fester, typically we question every reaction and every little sigh. Girls, this could be another reason he clams up! After all, how would you like to be questioned constantly? How would you like to constantly be asked about how you are feeling? Probably not a whole lot!


He Feels out Matched

A lot of the time, men feel out matched by us, especially when it comes to fighting. Typically, when a girl is backed into a corner, she can come up with so many different things in an instant. A lot of men can't think on their feet like that, so it's just better if they clam up and don't talk a whole lot!


In these instances, the silent treatment may be his shield in a verbal duel he feels he's bound to lose. Rather than engage in a back-and-forth where he's outmaneuvered by your quick wit or incisive arguments, he chooses to retreat. It's not that he wants to give up — but more that he's trying to avoid a situation where he feels inadequate or overwhelmed. Recognize that this isn't a reflection of his feelings for you, but a defense mechanism against feeling inferior in the heat of the moment.


Men Aren't Supposed to Talk about Feelings

The old 'men aren't supposed to talk about their feelings' is another reason he clams up girls! Sometimes, guys get it in their head that they aren't supposed to be into sharing their feelings, sharing their emotions, sharing anything about themselves, instead they want to hold it all in. It's a typical reaction and one that is really hard to overcome!


Fear of Losing You

Finally girls, the last reason he clams up could be because that he is scared of losing you. He might think that your relationship is constantly holding on by a thread and that eventually, it'll break. Just make sure that you reassure him that everything is fine ladies!

Well girls, there you have it! All of the top reasons he clams up! After all, you want to know the reasons he clams up so that you can fix them right? Remember, you'll want to get your man out of his shell and these are a few things to watch out for!

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My boyfriend just doesn't like opening up at all. We've been together for two years and still he's never really ever told me about how he feels. :/ sometimes I wonder if it's just me,

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