7 Classic White Lies Women Tell ...


7 Classic White Lies Women Tell ...
7 Classic White Lies Women Tell ...

Lies Women Tell but they won't talk about -- girls, we all do it. I've got a list of little white lies that I've told and now, I'm going to reveal some of the most common of them! Gentlemen, just so you know, some of the lies women tell are for your own good, just remember that! Without further adieu, these are the top 7 lies women tell their men to keep their relationship sane!

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The Number

Have you seen that new movie 'What's Your Number?' with darling Anna Faris? Well guys, it's true. I think that one of the most comment lies women tell is their number. You might think we've slept with 2 guys, but in reality, it's 6.


Great Sex!

Guys, I have to tell you, not all of the sex we have is great. That doesn't mean that we're gonna tell you about it! That's why this is number 2 on out top 7 lies women tell!


Real Prices

My mom is so the one I blame for this one. My dad will ask her 'was that on sale?', my mom will always, always reply 'of course!'. Guys, you're gonna have to get over it, one of the biggest lies women tell all boil down to prices. Just don't question if you don't want a lie!



Never, ever ask a girl their weight. Even if we're really skinny, half of the time we don't feel like we are. Even if you're curious about how much we weigh, we'll give you a fake number that could be anywhere from 10 pounds to 50 pounds difference.


Phone Numbers

Girls constantly lie about their phone numbers. The reasoning? They typically hate to turn a guy down if he asks for their phone number. Everybody hates rejection, including being the one to give it, so instead of rejecting the guy, we might just change one or two numbers at the end of our phone number.


Time It Takes to Get Ready

The old 'I'll be ready in five minutes!' is a constant lie. I'm so, so guilty of this! I'm constantly the one that will tell the Better Half that I'll be ready in a few minutes … and a half hour later I'll stroll out of the bathroom.


The 'I'm Fine' Trick

Guys, never, ever, ever believe a girl if they say they are 'fine'. It's a ploy, a trick and totally one of the top lies women tell. It's a way of letting a guy know that we're upset, without really letting them know. You can totally tell this is one of the lies women tell if your woman says it through gritted teeth and in a deadpan tone. Pay attention to her when you hear that 'I'm fine' trick!

As you can see guys, you aren't the only ones that lie. In fact, lies women tell are pretty common and usually just in our own best interest. Why would we ever give a guy our real weight? Of course, there are some lies women tell that aren't listed here. Ladies, what other lies women tell do you have on your list? Give it up!

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lol #6 reminded me of something funny I was talking about with my cousin the other day.... Isn't it ironic how our brothers always try to make us hurry until we finally snap and tell them: "I've been telling you since an hour ago that I'll finish in 5 minutes!!" XD nothing beats that lol XD

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