7 Clear Signs That He Loves Spending Time with You ...


When you’re in a relationship or good friends with your crush, it can be easy to look past the signs that he loves spending time with you. We tend to jump to the worst case scenario. We worry that even though we’re having a good time, the person that we’re with is miserable. If you’re paranoid, here are signs that he loves spending time with you:

1. Makes the Effort

If he voluntarily tries to make plans with you, he wants to see you. He wouldn’t ask you to hang out if he wants nothing to do with you. One of the signs that he loves spending time with you is that he asks you to hang out, or clears his schedule when you ask him to hang out. Chances are that he leads a busy life. If he finds the time to be with you, he cares.

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Mariza Hofer
That's clearly someone I started a relationship in November 2013 😍 you're lost in love 💓
Dawna Mp
That's my boyfriend :-)
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