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17 Clich Couple Things to do with the Love of Your Life ...

By Holly

You might roll your eyes when you watch a romantic comedy or when you see a couple holding hands at the mall. However, once you find the right guy for you, you're going to want to do all of the mushy things you used to make fun of. Here are a few cliche couple activities you should do with the love of your life:

1 Ride a Ferris Wheel

color, ferris wheel, red, tourist attraction, reflection, Make sure you hold hands throughout the entire ride, kiss at the top, and take a selfie. Just don't jump out of your seat like in The Notebook.

2 Play Carnival Games

Play Carnival Games See if your partner can win you a stuffed animal. You don't actually need one, but it'll look nice on your shelf.

3 Kiss in the Rain

Kiss in the Rain There's something romantic about this. Even though your hairstyle will get ruined and your mascara will run, it'll create a sweet memory.

4 Feed Each Other Food

Feed Each Other Food When you're sitting across the table from each other at a restaurant, lean over and feed him some of your food from off of your plate.

5 Use Pet Names

Use Pet Names Sure, other people will look at you funny when you call him your little "bunny boo," but who cares? As long as you're happy, you should forget about the haters.

6 Use Baby Talk

Use Baby Talk You talk to puppies like this. You talk to little kids like this. Why can't you talk to your boyfriend like this?

7 Wear Matching Outfits

Wear Matching Outfits You don't have to match from top to bottom. Just get matching backpacks or matching socks.

8 Have a Picnic

Have a Picnic Buy a picnic basket and a red and white blanket. Then find an empty spot in the park for you to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together.

9 Watch Disney Movies

Watch Disney Movies Pick your favorite movie from when you were a little kid and watch it together. Make sure you're in your pajamas while it plays!

10 Walk on the Beach

Walk on the Beach Feel the sand in between your toes while you're holding hands. You'll feel like you're stuck in the middle of a romance novel.

11 Get Ice Cream Together

Get Ice Cream Together Who doesn't love ice cream? Buy two cones and taste test each other's dessert.

12 Cook Together

Cook Together You don't have to make an elaborate dinner. Simply try whipping up some brownies or cookies together.

13 Go Horseback Riding

horse, mustang horse, stallion, equestrianism, horse harness, You can either sit on the same horse while holding onto his waist, or you can ride horses side by side. Either way, it'll look adorable.

14 Go Ice Skating

Go Ice Skating If you fall, he'll be there to help you up, so there's nothing to worry about.

15 Get Promise Rings

Get Promise Rings If you both wear rings on your fingers, then everyone will know how serious you are about each other. It's a big step in your relationship.

16 Build a Blanket Fort

Build a Blanket Fort Grab all of the pillows and blankets that you can find, and set up a little hut in your living room. Then you can make out underneath it.

17 Take Couple’s Selfies

Take Couple’s Selfies You need to take photos, so you have something to look back at on your wedding day.

Now you two have plenty of new things to do together! What other cliche things would you love to do with your boyfriend one day?

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