7 Clues That He is Cheating on You ...


If your boyfriend has started doing things that seem unusual or secretive, you might be looking for clues that he is cheating on you. Maybe you canโ€™t put your finger on it, but something just doesnโ€™t feel right. If you really believe he is hiding something from you, trust your gut. When searching for clues that he is cheating, keep your eyes peeled for any of these 7 common behaviors of cheaters.

1. Phone Clues

Your guyโ€™s cell phone can help you uncover some of the biggest clues that he is cheating. Unfortunately, if he IS cheating, heโ€™ll likely keep close tabs on his phone. If you do manage to get your hands on it, search his contacts. Look for contacts that only have numbers or initials, instead of actual names. Notice if he always deletes his text messages and phone log, too.

Unexpected Gifts


wow this makes me think of the worst.๐Ÿ‘Ž
Joan Wilson
Or, on the contrary to #7, their bedroom behavior starts changing like different language, moves...and improvements!
Beryl Stokes
I missed all the clues once and then found out he had been living with someone else for two years!
yea my boyfriends a cheater :\ number seven I noticed but never thought if that way
zara sajid
when he with me his phones on his knee. when he's away he never responds for a while. he's lied about previous dates and a so called fiancรฉ
the only one I don't agree with is searching through their phone tabs and contacts, it's extremely belittling and shows your partner that you don't trust them which is never a good message to convey.
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