Cold Weather ❄️ Dates You'll Be Dying πŸ˜† to Go on πŸ’ ...

The weather is getting cold now, but that doesn’t mean dates aren’t still fun and entertaining. Even if the mercury drops, you can still enjoy epic dates with your steady or the new man in your life. It’s always fun to come up with something new to do with each other so try one of these things that will make life so much sweeter this fall and winter. Let me know how it goes! Don’t forget to bundle up before you head out.

1. Go Ice Skating and Hold on to Each Other

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Many cities open ice arenas in the winter, which gives you the perfect place to have a cold weather date. You can hold hands so you don’t fall down and get close to stay warm. Rent your skates and have some fun trying to master staying upright. Then go have hot chocolate together to cap off a night of total fun.

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