7 Comfiest Ways to Sleep in the Same Bed as Your Boyfriend ...


You should be aware of the comfiest ways to sleep in the same bed as your boyfriend - for the sake of better sleep for both of you. Even though cuddling throughout the night seems like a great idea, it's far too easy to get uncomfortable and hot. Certain positions will make your arm fall asleep or your neck crick. If you want to get a good night's sleep, then you should use one of the comfiest ways to sleep in the same bed as your boyfriend:

1. Spooning

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In order to spoon, both of you should rest on your sides, facing the same direction. Now let him place one arm around you and the other arm wherever he pleases. This is one of the comfiest ways to sleep in the same bed as your boyfriend, because it'll make you feel protected. His whole body will be pressed against yours, so you'll never forget that he's right there with you, waiting to kiss your lips.

On His Chest


Thisssss 😍 can't wait to be able to hold my man at night πŸ’•
#6 made me laugh
My boyfriend and I get hot easily but I always put my head on his chest
When my girlfriend spoons me (we are lesbians) I hold her arm/hand into my chest and snuggle it, we both love it...:)
Isabella Coles
I fall asleep like a baby when spooning, it's the comfiest for me πŸ˜…
If only my bf liked all that cuddling lol. He complains about being hot so we end up sleeping back to back.
My husband and I do all of these... We move a lot. We usually end up back to back or reverse spooning
I miss having a bf thanks to this lol
All these are so sweet
Jessica lol
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