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7 Comfiest Ways to Sleep in the Same Bed as Your Boyfriend ...

By Holly

You should be aware of the comfiest ways to sleep in the same bed as your boyfriend - for the sake of better sleep for both of you. Even though cuddling throughout the night seems like a great idea, it's far too easy to get uncomfortable and hot. Certain positions will make your arm fall asleep or your neck crick. If you want to get a good night's sleep, then you should use one of the comfiest ways to sleep in the same bed as your boyfriend:

1 Spooning

In order to spoon, both of you should rest on your sides, facing the same direction. Now let him place one arm around you and the other arm wherever he pleases. This is one of the comfiest ways to sleep in the same bed as your boyfriend, because it'll make you feel protected. His whole body will be pressed against yours, so you'll never forget that he's right there with you, waiting to kiss your lips.

2 On His Chest

If he decides to sleep on his back, you can rest your head on his chest. You've probably already done this on the couch while watching Netflix together, so you should be used to the position. As long as he doesn't need the blankets reaching all the way up to his neck, you should both be comfy.

3 Face to Face

You can rest on your sides, facing each other, so that you can open your eyes to see his cuteness. You can choose between keeping your hands at your sides, or placing them on his body. You could even touch foreheads while you sleep to remind yourselves of how close you are.

4 Holding Hands

Sometimes, you don't want to be on top of each other, because it'll cause your temperatures to rise. If you want to sleep on your back, separated from each other, then you can simply hold hands. It's a simple way to feel connected to him while you sleep.

5 Reverse Spooning

Traditionally, the man spoons the woman. Of course, the woman can be the one who spoons her man if she wishes. Press your chest against your boyfriend's back, and wrap an arm around his torso. That way, you can squeeze him whenever you'd like.

6 Back to Back

If you're a fan of sleeping on your side, but don't want him snoring into your ear, you can sleep back to back. You're still touching, so you have a sign of contact, but you won't be causing each other any trouble.

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7 Man on Top

He might want to be the one to lay on your chest, so don't be afraid to switch things up. If he lays on you, it'll be easier to stroke his head and run your hands over his back. It's a sweet way to feel like you're helping him get a good night's sleep. You love him, so why wouldn't you want him to be as close as possible?

You don't have to remain in one sleeping position throughout the entire night. Plus, you're bound to shift in your sleep, so it's not something unusual for you to try out every single one of these cuddling moves in one night. What's your favorite way to sleep when you're in bed with your partner?

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