Comfortable Couples Should Avoid Doing These 7 Things ...


Comfortable Couples Should Avoid Doing These 7 Things ...
Comfortable Couples Should Avoid Doing These 7 Things ...

You want to be comfortable with your partner, but is it possible to be too comfortable? The Stir believes that you can be. According to their site, couples should avoid doing these things:

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Leaving the Bathroom Door Open

Leaving the Bathroom Door Open He doesn't need to see you on the toilet.


Combining Facebook Profiles

Combining Facebook Profiles You aren't the same person, so don't act like it.


Spilling Other People's Secrets

Spilling Other People's Secrets Some things should be kept between you and your gal pals.


Sharing a Toothbrush

Sharing a Toothbrush There's a difference between kissing and sharing a toothbrush.


Picking Each Other's Noses

Picking Each Other's Noses That's just gross.


Popping Each Other's Pimples

Popping Each Other's Pimples It's unhealthy for your skin, anyway.

Do you and your boyfriend do any of these things?

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I think if you're comfortable with someone then there's nothing that you shouldn't do

*2 years lol

2 year relationship, walking in when the other is peeing is a regular lmao

We have been together 25 years, and I think that's because we have NEVER done anything on this list. If you want things to last there should be some personal things you should keep to yourself!

Mila said it right... We do everything. We have been married for five years with two children. He had to help me after on of my surgeries, so he had to see me on the toilet because he helped me. I usually like this writer but this article is uneducated and nothing but mis information.

Me and mine do nearly all besides Facebook neither even have our own 6 years together guess we're just extra comfortable 😘

I had a friend who I shared relationship problems with only for her to show her partner the messages. One huge problem was that my friend was dating my stepson!!!! If she wasn't comfortable with me speaking about my relationship with her partners dad she should have said so not while we were having a disagreement threaten to blackmail me with the messages I'd confided to*ch!!!!!!

The first gif cracked me up

me and my boyfriend pee infront of each other

Sharing tooth brush is nasty.

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