8 Fool Proof Ways to Keep Your Man ...


8 Fool Proof Ways to Keep Your Man ...
8 Fool Proof Ways to Keep Your Man ...

When it comes to ways to keep your man, everyone from you BFF, your mum, your sister and your work colleagues will have an opinion. Plus, magazines will shout out tips from their glossy pages, TV talk shows will present case studies in their rawest form and there is as much relationship advice on the web as there are adverts for payday loans. BUT, there are no foolproof ways to keep your man. When it comes to men, there is no recipe we can all follow to ensure that we have a flawless relationship; we all have to work at it in different ways. Although much of your relationship will depend on your respective personalities, this list of 8 Ways to Keep Your Man should serve as a general guideline if you need that extra help in smoothing out that bumpy road!

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Be Interested

No matter whether he is into computer games, football, darts or tapestry, try and be as interested as possible in what your boyfriend loves. If it is his passion then it is not going to do you any favours by complaining about it! Of course, you must not let him walk all over you by any means, and it is ok to drop subtle hints every now and then about how 10 hours of the Xbox a day may be a little bit much. But, if you give him the ultimatum then do not expect him to automatically choose you. If it is something he really cares about, then when you are negative about it he will feel negative straight back at you!


Don’t Be Too Interested!

I never said this was going to be easy! Of course you need to support your boyfriend and get involved with what he is doing, but there is a fine line between interested and over the top. If you are too eager and in his face he will begin to crave time without you. To keep your man, you need to work out the balance so that he can have a chance to miss you and realise how things are better when you are there, as well as being the perfectly interested girlfriend when you are there. He will still feel a lot of satisfaction when you start to reel off his favourite rugby players names!


Get in with the Family

One of the best ways to keep your man is by getting a close relationship with the family. When he sees how much his mum or dad love you then he will feel a swell of pride! It is always very beneficial to be in their good books, especially when he is being out of order - they may even stand up for you.


Keep the Romance Alive

This is for your benefit as much as his. Men need a slight push when it comes to romance but it doesn’t mean that they do not enjoy it. Suggest a night seeing a romantic film, or a night out for dinner. It is funny how as time goes by you stop doing these small things together which can be a nice chance to bring your love for each other to the forefront of the evening.


Give Each Other Space

Although you may feel like you absolutely don’t want to ever leave his side, time apart can be good for both of you. You will find that when you are reunited (even if it is just a few days) you will have more to talk about, will be more excited to see each other and will mean that he will realise how boring his life is without you! Ignoring the old adage – familiarity breeds contempt – may well be at the root if you’re struggling with ways to keep your man.


Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

When it comes to the bedroom, after you have been together for a while things can get a bit samey. Make use of the fact that you are so comfortable with each other and try out new things, it does not have to be completely out of your comfort zone, have a discussion about it and find something that you would both be interested in doing. He will be more than excited about this and is a very useful way to keep your man attentive.


Surprise Him

Depending on what your boyfriend is like, you can choose from a huge amount of things to surprise him with, and they always go down well. A very popular one (which never fails) is greeting him in new sexy lingerie, if you know he loves his food then cook him his favourite meal for when he gets in, or if he loves football then be completely selfless and get him tickets to the big game. For the rest of the week he will not be able to stop thinking about you and how lovely you are to him!


Be Yourself

There is no point following these rules religiously if it means that you are not being yourself. If you have to change that much to keep your man, then maybe he is not worth it in the first place. Be natural, wear your pyjamas all day, leave the mascara forgotten on the dresser – he will love you even more for letting him be the one who sees the true you. He fell in love with you in the first place for what is on the inside – so the best way to keep your man – let him see the real you.

I started off by calling this 8 Commonsensical and Probable Ways to Keep Your Man. I hope you can see now, having read the points, that there may be a little effort involved but there’s nothing far -fetched and nothing beyond the realms of any of us. There are no claims of miracles or guarantees; just straightforward, credible ideas, for you to think on. The ways to keep your man will be all down to individuals and personal choice.

So come on girls, what are your best ways to keep your man you care to share with us?

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