8 Idiot Proof Ways to Keep Your Man ...

When it comes to ways to keep your man, everyone from you BFF, your mum, your sister and your work colleagues will have an opinion. Plus, magazines will shout out tips from their glossy pages, TV talk shows will present case studies in their rawest form and there is as much relationship advice on the web as there are adverts for payday loans. BUT, there are no foolproof ways to keep your man. When it comes to men, there is no recipe we can all follow to ensure that we have a flawless relationship; we all have to work at it in different ways. Although much of your relationship will depend on your respective personalities, this list of 8 Ways to Keep Your Man should serve as a general guideline if you need that extra help in smoothing out that bumpy road!

1. Be Interested

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No matter whether he is into computer games, football, darts or tapestry, try and be as interested as possible in what your boyfriend loves. If it is his passion then it is not going to do you any favours by complaining about it! Of course, you must not let him walk all over you by any means, and it is ok to drop subtle hints every now and then about how 10 hours of the Xbox a day may be a little bit much. But, if you give him the ultimatum then do not expect him to automatically choose you. If it is something he really cares about, then when you are negative about it he will feel negative straight back at you!

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