4. Joyful

Want to show that you love others well? Be joyful! Smile often and mean it, and genuinely be interested in how others are doing. And joy is really synonymous with peace because even when there is chaos around you, your heart feels peace and inner joy.

Has the Gift of Patience


@Carly we all make mistakes and get angry at times, that's normal! I am talking about a general pattern of "flying off the handle" when little annoyances arise and anger happens to be your default state. There's a big difference :)
Tifyane Renee Smith
I had a very skewed perception for a long time what love was. Then when I got out of an abusive relationship I realized it wasn't love he had for me at all.
true enough .. especially about forgiving
Doesn't fly of the handle i fly of the handle when Im stressed depressed but doesn't mean I don't love him. I think if I read this in a relationship I would be confused people hit rough patches. And a...
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