8 Compromises You May Have to Make when You Live Together ...


If you're looking to live with your boyfriend for the first time, you've got to be aware of some of the compromises to make when living together first and foremost. When you're living together, it's so hard to make your personalities and living styles mesh right away, so that's why you've got to make some compromises. If you're wondering exactly what compromises to make when living together await you, take a look at my list below!

1. Personality Clashes

This is probably one of the biggest compromises to make when living together. When you move in with your partner, you're going to have to deal with personality clashes. If you are a neat freak and your boyfriend is messy, you're going to have to work through that. My girlfriend does a lot of things that make me crazy, but I wouldn't change living with her for anything at all! Trust me, you'll learn when to pick battles and when to calm down.

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